Saborea's Priviledged Dinner

Posted by yasmin on April 4, 2013

My Chef Assistant at Saborea's Priviledged Dinner

My Chef Assistant at Saborea's Priviledged Dinner

Who shares my kitchen at this Priviledged Dinner?

Saborea Food Fest's Priviledged Dinner night is already an event on its own. 20 locally renowned Chefs will each hava a table of 10 guests, where they will serve a signature fixed menu paired with the best wines La Bodega de Méndez has to offer.

For this year's feast, I knew I needed a good assistant in my kitchen.  As soon as I got the invite I knew exactly whom to grab for a perfect dance behind the burners: Chef Yadira Pérez. I am thrilled to present to you one of the upcoming stars in the Puerto Rican gastronomical scene, and a respected colleague.

Chef Yadira Pérez

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Chef Pérez worked her way through college at the University of Puerto Rico with restaurant jobs like waitressing, and then kitchen help. The logistics and dynamics of the professional kitchen enticed her enough that she changed her course of studies and got her degree from the Caribbean Culinary Institute instead. Not convinced she got enough to compete in the high culinary world, she completed the advanced studies program at Johnson & Wales University in Providence Rhode Island.

It was time to prove herself in a real kitchen, so she then started her career by assisting Chef Aaron Fides at the Green Mountain at Fox Run in Ludlow, Vermont, where she also worked hand in hand with Dr. Marsha J. Hudnal, a nutritional specialist. The Green Mountain is a recreational spa for women of all ages where they gain knowledge about nutrition, diet and exercise. This experience defined Chef Pérez style and culinary identity, since she acquired vast knowledge on cooking for a commercial kitchen, and the nutritional significance of using organic and naturally sustainable ingredients.

She went on to work at the four stars Hotel BoutiqueThe Old Tavern at Grafton, a member of the Vermont Fresh Network and the Chef's Collaborative, both agencies dedicated to provide collaborative support to agriculture and sustainable U.S. fisheries.

Chef Pérez came back to the Island of Puerto Rico in 2005 to teach at the Caribbean Culinary Institute and became a private Chef. In 2007 she was appointed Executive Chef of the El Convento Hotel, and then in 2010 she was hired as Sous Chef for the Fern Restaurant in the St. Regis Hotel. During this year she had the opportunity to receive a high-caliber training with celebrity chef Jean Georges Vongerishten.

Chef Yadira Perez is now a renowned Executive Chef at Blonda, where she offers one of the freshest and most varied menus in the Condado area.


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