New beginnings!

Posted by yasmin on July 27, 2012

A lifetime of delicious adventures

A lifetime of delicious adventures

Hello everyone.  This is a very exiting moment in my culinary life!  For the first time, I have a direct line of communication between us.  You are my friends, my followers, my clients, and my people in general.  I want to welcome you to this new adventure, my first blog.

First let me tell you about the name “Inside the Silver Cloche”.  When I opened my first restaurant, Chef Marisoll Contemporary Cuisine in Old San Juan, I wanted to make the fine dining experience one to remember.  I insisted on serving my dishes covered by a silver dome, or cloche.

That meant a lot of work behind the scenes, because no dish could leave the kitchen without it, and everybody at the table had to get their food at the same time!  There were a lot of servers going around delivering meals and standing at attention until they got the signal, and all the cloches had to be lifted at the exact same time.

It paid off.  Of course the silver cloches gave my place a nice reputation, but mostly my patrons felt pampered by the attention.  I want this blog to be that place, where you all feel welcomed, pampered, and taken care of.

In this space I will share a lot of my culinary knowledge and experiences, but I also want to hear about yours.  I want you to feel comfortable asking questions, but also posting answers to questions made by others.  This is our forum.

What can we talk about? Anything!  Well, except for politics or religion or any other subject that could be harmful or hurtful.  I of course feel better talking about food!  But the conversations may steer towards drinks, or wine, or different brands of water!  We can talk about the restaurant experience in general, about specific ingredients, decoration for a dining room, and also about how many crafty things can be done with cling wrap.

And the questions?  No question is too hard or too simple!  Feel free to ask for a good pâté recipe, and don’t hesitate to follow that question with another on how to make the best “bacalaítos” (cod fish fritters)!

All is good when it comes to food
Keep on cooking!

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